what is a temporary strainer?

Temporary strainers are also referred to as temporary filters orstartup strainers. The filter is generally installed on flushing piping systems to remove larger solid impurities from fluids.

Temporary strainers can help machinery, equipment (including compressors, pumps, etc.), and instruments work and operate normally. Thereby stabilizing the process and ensuring safe production.

Temporary Strainer Filtering Process
When the fluid passes through the temporary filter, its impurities are blocked, and the clean filtrate is discharged from the filter outlet. When cleaning is required, remove the temporary filter, clean it, and reinstall it.

Types of Temporary Strainers
▪ Temporary Cone Strainer(Witches Hat)
▪ Temporary Basket Strainer
▪ Temporary Flat Strainers

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Features of Temporary Strainer
1. The temporary strainers are mainly used for start-up and flushing.
2. Installed between two flanges of the pipeline to remove impurities in the fluid.
3. The equipment is simple, reliable, and has various applications.
4. High-quality stainless steel material, resistant to high temperature and corrosion.
5. High flow rate.
6. Specifications and sizes can be customized.

Applications of Temporary Strainer
▪ Weakly corrosive materials in chemical and petrochemical production
▪ Corrosive materials in chemical production
Caustic soda
Concentrated and dilute sulfuric acid
Carbonic acid
Acetic acid
▪ Low-temperature materials in refrigeration
Liquid methane
Liquid ammonia
Liquid oxygen
▪ Food and pharmaceutical industry
Dairy products
Grain pulp
Medical supplies

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